We deliver your assembly instructions

in 3D, step-by-step, on every device.

Follow an Assembly Instruction

Assembly instructions

Follow the steps. Move to next or previous. Rotate, zoom. Play the instructions. Data is downloaded on the fly to save bandwidth.


Clients get lost in schemes. To resolve this, you can use 3D Assembly Instructions in Corporate Training Materials, Client instructions for end products, Professional visualizations, User assistance projects and in many more scenarios. We customize the experience for your clients and return a lot of feedback to you on how they are using your assembly instructions.

3D on the web

No more difficult to use PDFs and printouts in which clients get lost

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Clients can rotate, zoom, animate and view everything step by step

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Ultra fast, on every device

We deliver the instructions on every device and they are ultra fast

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How it works

You share the models with us. We work closely with you to prepare the assembly instructions. We deliver them life on the web in a 3D format where your clients could follow them using just a browser. The latest web techologies are used to make this ultra fast, smooth and secure.

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  • Support for every major browser
  • Rotate, Zoom, Animate in 3D
  • Collect feedback from clients
  • Preview of instructions and pay-per-view
  • Beautiful Eye Catching Pictures
  • Support for major 3D formats
  • Bill of materials and part info on every step
  • Customizations based on your requirements and ideas

Use cases & Features

3DAssemblyInstructions.com supports a lot of features and use cases. From building LEGO to Assembling a Porsche Gear Box we can deliver it all and customize the experience for your clients. Explore some of the use cases and features

Contact us at sales@3DAssemblyInstructions.com

3DAssemblyInstructions.com delivering assembly instructions in 3D, step-by-step on every device

About Us

3DAssemblyInstructions is a subdivision of Axles Software. We know 3D, CAD and web and we handle 3D on the web for us internaly and clients all around the globe.

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